New Top to Bottom Tour Dates Added to October and November! New Director's Tour starts in November! | 

Titan Missile Museum

Red Alert

Additional Top to Bottom Tours have been scheduled for October 22 and November 26, 2018.  The new Director's Tour will begin in November. Follow us on Facebook to learn about new tour dates for 2018 as they become available for both of these exciting tours, and to learn when the Top to Bottom Tour schedule for 2019 will be published. 


My son was very fascinated about this place, and to top it all off he even get to see the actual Titan II Missile up close (of course with plexiglass partition) We also get to see the whole Missile up top and took lots of pictures to show it off. This is a great place to bring family in and with the very affordable admission fee, it's all worth the money and the drive there." — Joy P., Tracy, CA