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Titan Missile Museum

Titan II Specifications

Titan II Specs

Length:             103 feet      
Width:             10 feet in diameter    
Weight at liftoff:           330,000 pounds    
Warhead:             W-53      
Yield:             9 Megatons    
Launch sequence (initiation to liftoff):       58 seconds    
Time to target (liftoff to detonation):       25 to 30 minutes    
Range:             6,000 miles    
Velocity:             16,000 mph    
Underground Launch Duct:         146 feet deep, 26 feet in diameter
Cost to build (1963 dollars):         $8.3 million for each missile site  
              $2.2 million for each missile  
Annual Operating Cost:         $1.964 million per missile site  


From liftoff to target, the flight time was 30 minutes.  Only 5.5 minutes of that was powered flight.  The other 24.5 minutes was ballistic free flight. Each site consisted of a missile silo, a launch control facility and an access portal.  The sites were staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, by 4-person missile combat crews who deployed to the missile sites for 24-hour shifts, called alerts.  Each crew pulled an average of 8 to 9 alerts a month, meaning they often worked the equivalent of 5 weeks in a 4-week month.  Crew members consisted of two officers—the Missile Combat Crew Commander (MCCC) and the Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander (DMCCC), and two enlisted personnel—the Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician (BMAT) and the Missile Facilities Technician (MFT).  

Download the launch check list here


I LOVE the Titan Missile Museum. It is a wealth of information and a part of living history. This place is great for anyone who loves aviation, computer programming, Cold War history, or just wants to hear a great story told by someone who actually ran and operated a working missile silo in the 1960's." — Veneranda A., Tucson, AZ